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一项全新突破的共嬴商业计划 [LIFE BALANCE PROGRAM] 打破传统商业模式!

什么是商业模式 ?

What is a business model?


A business model is a critical element for any startup success as it is what unlocks value in the long-term. In a way, developing a business model isn’t only about monetization strategies. Indeed, that is way more holistic. To develop a business model, companies need to create value for several stakeholders. Thus, a business model is about what makes users go back to your app, service or product.


According to the survey report, Malaysian merchants are wary of the business situation in the second half of 2019, mainly due to the slowdown of the international economy, the ever-expanding trade disputes and the weakening of the domestic economy.

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今时今日,以 “差价赚钱” 已经逐渐淘汰,还要面对种种瓶颈:

i) 人面广阔,可是竞争激烈?

ii) 工作,事业没有任何的发展空间而感到窒息?

iii) 缺乏更为广阔的战场?

iv) 有资源但无法发挥?

Nowadays, “markup pricing strategy” has been gradually phased out, but also encountered various bottlenecks:

i) Vast number of people, but the competition is fierce?

Ii) Career and business do not have any room for development and feel suffocated?

Iii) Lack of broader battlefield?

Iv) Abundance of resources but poor in development?


A good business model is the principles of mutual benefit and coordinated development. Each model participant will get more profit or better services.

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近期,小编遇到一位非常专业的朋友。她和小编分享了许多关于共嬴商业计划 [Life Balance Program]。最让小编感到兴趣的是,这个计划可以得到更多的利润,更好的服务和整合资源。

I met my professional friend recently. She shared a lot of information with me about the “Life Balance Program”. What makes me feel interested is that this program can get more profit, better services and integrate resources.

IMG 20191002 143431 mr1570002130055 at


It sounds very good~

等不及想要知道,对吧! 这个影片就告诉你到底什么是Life Balance Program.

I believe you can’t wait to know it now, right! This video tells you exactly what is Life Balance Program.

看了这视频后,你有什么想法呢? 大家都迈向成功之路了,你还等什么呢?

After watching this video, what do you feel? Everyone is on the road to success. What are you waiting for?


In the future, this model will become an effective tool for entrepreneurs to pursue value for money.

想要了解更多关于Life Balance Program作为扩展生意的机会,可以参考以下:-

For more information about the Life Balance Program as an opportunity to expand your business, you may refer to the details as follows :-


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