[Gain Your Earnings, Zero Risk with 100% Profit] BKEX is the world first launch “Bear Market Magic Tool – PrinGUAR Copy Trade” that synchronizes earnings with the trading experts!

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Nowadays worldwide is facing the economic recession challenges, in addition with inflation, Covid-19 disease outbreak, rising of unemployment, nutshells everyone is in the suffering condition. Moreover, the cryptocurrency market is still in a bear market condition which has yet to recover. What else can be suitable for investment at this stage, given the various uncertainties and the desire to break out of the dilemma? In today’s world, we are all looking for alternative ways to get paid for better stable profit trading channels, but is there really has a stable, no-loss, zero-risk, uncapped income investment? As we all know, investment normally contain risk, a small mistake can cause losses happen, so how in the end should be seized both capital principal protection and risk-free income profits?

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The long-awaited BKEX trading platform’s highlight, “Principal Guarantee Copy Trade”, has finally launched due to high demand of the crowd. No more hazzle handling, no need to worry about the risks of trading, and a guarantee that 100% of the principal will not lose, and even a newbie with no investment experience also can pick up fast with just one-click to follow ! Even the 80-years-old grandma also join this investment activity, so it can be seen that the popularity of “BKEX PrinGuar Copy Trade” is accepted by all ages of group.

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The rising star of the year 2023 – “BKEX Principal Guarantee Copy Trade” has officially rolled-out, and is currently the most popular and highly anticipated future copy trading product in the cryptocurrency investment market.


What exactly is a “PrinGuar Copy Trade”? As the name implies, “PrinGuar” stands for Principal Guarantee which means that the capital invested by the user will be preserved and the opportunity to earn profits from the copy trade will be available, provided that the capital is not lost. If you do lose money, the loss will be compensated by the pledged amount of the trade with the order, and you can get your principal back after the activity ended, and you can also get a proportional share of the profits, which is a great benefit for you.


Why is it important to join this “BKEX PrinGuar Copy Trade” campaign?

  • The world’s first 2023 bear market magic tool is a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency market, as it is not easy to find investment that cover capital protection meanwhile can make profit in bear market condition now.
  • Zero risk, Opportunity to gain profit, just need to follow the copy trade. The trading risk is borne by trade leader expert.
  • First in the cryptocurrency market history : 100% no loss, grab to earn, stable profit.
  • Experienced professional traders lead you to make profit together
  • The famous blockchain media in China also strongly recommend BKEX PrinGuar project this time!

Some may be concerned that the cryptocurrency market now still in the “bear market” phase and the blockchain market is turmoil, questioning whether it is the right time to get in? In fact, there is no such thing as the best time, only grab the limited opportunity to participate in the crypto future investment. Actually, the cryptocurrency market not only can buy raise (long) to make money, but also buy down (short) to profit. Now you no need to worry buy long or short, you just need to one-click follow only, the experience traders will help you to handle and you just wait for the profit returns only.

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Knowing that you may be concerned about that you are not familiar with how to operate investment, might you not fully sure how to make a right choice? In addition to plenty of reasons like: invested wrong direction, skill set not as good like others and no time to watch-over the market”, etc. Don’t be afriad! Nowadays there is “BKEX PrinGUAR Copy Trade”, no need to bear the risk of loss, no need hands on operate, just one click to copy the trade, you can easily increase the winning probability, and earn unlimited profits!

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If you’re worried about spending a lot of money, the “BKEX Principal Guarantee Copy Trade” campaign is perfect for you, because you can invest with a minimum threshold of 100 USDT and the maximum amount you can deposit is limited to 1,000 USDT. Normally trading is use extra money to invest, instead of put there no use, is better to grab the limited offer to take part in this activity. It is advisable to participate in this activity based on your personal affordability and preference, but due to the overwhelming response from the crowd, the 50,000 USDT quota was snapped up within 5 minutes after it was first opened, so if you really want to buy it, it is advisable to set an alarm reminder in advance to grab it.


Are you worried that it will be difficult to click and operate? If you are not familiar with the cryptocurrency application, you may have been put off by the tedious operation of the system in the past, but nowadays it is not difficult at all. The steps are simple and easy to understand.

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What is the difference between “BKEX Principal Guarantee Copy Trade” and Traditional Copy Trade?

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Traditional copy trade is generally capital unprotected with risk taking and possible to bear the losses. Such traditional copy trade is very common and considered old-fashioned products that are readily exist in the conventional financial services. Contrast traditional copy trade with BKEX’s PrinGUAR Copy Trade, the first of its kind in the world, which also has zero risk and 100% principal protection and is a beacon of hope for the current bear market. This BKEX PrinGUAR Copy Trade activity is completely worry-free with one click to follow, because if you indeed lose money, this will be borne by the trade leader to bear the losses, will not affect the investment principal in any way.

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Good news ! BKEX are now officially recruiting experienced professional investment traders! If you are confident to lead your subordinate followers, you may apply with BKEX. To find out more, we suggest you click on the link Trader Agreement and Level Description – BKEX Customer Support (zendesk.com) to join the team of the “PrinGUAR Trader”! ~ Whether you are a newbie or experienced trader, the new BKEX PrinGUAR copy trade is simple to follow and easy profit!

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Founded since 2018, BKEX trading exchange has over 5 million registered users and its trading volume reach of $96 billion. The world’s leading integrated service platform, BKEX upholds the concept of “making digital assets more valuable” and continues to develop and innovate, offering a diverse range of financial derivatives services, including: crazy contracts, crypto mining, contract lending and rebates, copy trading, perpetual future contracts, spot trading, etc. BKEX is ranked in the around top 20 of COINMARKETCAP and COINGETKO which is the reliable cryptocurrency ranking websites. BKEX also offers a full range of customer service, exclusive activities, member benefits and free live training to help traders improve their trading skill set. BKEX is also a cryptocurrency trading platform that comply to respective regulations and has been awarded the MBS financial regulatory license by FinCEN, an agency under the U.S. Department of the Treasury. In addition, there is extra protection from BKEX Sunshine Fund, hence, it is absolutely safe to invest in BKEX platform.

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Stepped into the new 2023 year, you should kick start with a new trading. BKEX PrinGUAR Copy Trade not only protects the capital, also earn stable income without loss! It is definitely worth it !

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Even if you don’t know how to open, close, take profit or stop loss, you can easily follow to participate in this activity with just one click! If you want to sit back and relax to earn your money, don’t miss this PrinGUAR Copy Trade activity! “

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Aren’t you getting excited to participate in this event ? There are only a limited number of seats available at the moment, so get in quick and don’t miss out ! Hurry up and invest in the BKEX PrinGUAR Copy Trade on this Lunar New Year to make a profit!

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Click this link to download the BKEX app: https://h5.liushuaia.xyz/extenal/register/TUKUHFFH

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More details of the PrinGUAR Copy Trade information :.

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Prin GUAR Copy Trade Subscription Agreement – BKEX Customer Support (zendesk.com)

Prin GUAR Trader Agreement – BKEX Customer Support (zendesk.com)

Principal guaranteed Copy Trade Risk Reminders and Statements – BKEX Customer Support (zendesk.com)

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Risk Warning: The above is for information purposes only and it does not represent the stand of the BKEX platform. The BKEX platform will not be liable for any losses of any kind arising from any trading operations conducted in accordance with this article. Please stay firm of your own ideas and control your risk accordingly.

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“BKEX is a regulated license trading exchange platform and certified to comply with the regulations of the cryptocurrency integrated platform operation. BKEX also approved by the U.S. Treasury Department under the agency FinCEN issued by the MBS financial regulatory as license broker. BKEX providing a diverse range of financial derivatives services, including: crazy contracts, crypto mining, contract lending and rebates, copy trading, perpetual future contracts, spot trading, etc. Open a trading account with a minimum deposit of 10 USDT and let’s download the BKEX trading platform app now!”

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