TallyPress x OMGloh 哦买咖:两大媒体合作为你打造更快、更全面的资讯平台!


TallyPress 作为一家内容涵盖马来西亚和新加坡的英文线上媒体网站,现在将开始和马来西亚成长速度最快的真实心得分享中文资讯平台 OMGloh 哦买咖合作。通过这次的合作,双方将会同步彼此特定的文章,以让资讯和信息能够更加快速地得到传播。

TallyPress 很重视与读者之间的互动,而这可通过他们最为人所知的 Top 10 栏目窥见一斑,因为榜单上的名次都是由公众在网上公开投票而来。借由这个系统,读者在同一个栏目里既可以得到资讯,也可以看到其他民众的推荐。除了 Top 10,TallyPress 也有创作其他专注于发现本地趋势的栏目如 Places To Go、Fun、Happenings,以及文内广告(Advertorial Writeups)。

另一方面,OMGloh 哦买咖是由 MODEN 摩登在 2019 年创办,是马来西亚第一个真实心得分享中文资讯平台。在这里,用户之间可以管理和分享不同的内容,如对产品或服务的评论、旅游经验,和最新的娱乐趋势等。而 OMGloh 哦买咖的目标,是成为不论对何人、何地、何时,都最真实可信的资讯平台。

通过 TallyPress 和 OMGloh 哦买咖的合作,我们相信双方共同读者在接收和分享资讯方面也会随之变得更好!

TallyPress: tallypress@gmail.com
OMGloh 哦买咖: admin@omgloh.com

TallyPress x OMGloh 哦买咖: The Media Collaboration for a Quicker & Wider Outreach!

TallyPress, an English online media site in Malaysia and Singapore, is collaborating with OMGloh 哦买咖, the fastest growing Chinese self-produced content platform in Malaysia. Through this collaboration, each site will sync certain articles from the other, allowing news and information to be expanded and exposed at a more rapid pace.

Best known for their Top 10 segment, TallyPress encourages and initiates audience interaction, as their Top 10 lists are derived from votes from the public. Through this system, readers will be able to get both information and recommendation from the same place! Besides the Top 10 segment, TallyPress also produces other articles ranging from Places To Go, Fun, Happenings, as well as Advertorial Writeups, with a strong focus on discovering local trends.

OMGloh 哦买咖, established by MODEN 摩登 in 2019, is the first Malaysian self-produced broadcasting platform that allows users to curate and share different content such as product/service reviews, travelling experiences and latest entertainment trends among others. OMGloh 哦买咖 aims to be the most authentic information platform to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With the collaboration of TallyPress and OMGloh 哦买咖, we believe that how our collective readers receive and share news and information is about to change for the better!

For further information, please contact:
TallyPress: tallypress@gmail.com
OMGloh: admin@omgloh.com